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A Few Things To Ensure The Perfect Screen Print

little-leagueScreen printed shirts are not only awesome, but also the most common and economical method of t-shirt printing. For screen printing, each color of your design has its own screen. The design is then printed one color at a time and the finished design will have long lasting durability and a vibrant color that is sure to not fade. Check out this short list of things to keep in mind for the perfect screen print!

  • Check the level of detail: Most fonts are printable at a 12 point or more, but the line width should never be thinner than .3.
  • Use Pantone Colors: Pantone colors are the universally used color palette for designers and printers and are used to guide the specific color that you wish to achieve on your shirt.
  • Be okay with a slight print color difference: Depending on what color garment you’re choosing to print on, there could be a slight difference in the ton of the color you picked out and the color that is printed. It has to do with the color that it’s being printed on and the effect it has on the color you have chosen. Feel free to ask one of our experienced designers for help on achieving the closest color to what you’re looking for!
  • Try to avoid using Illustrator 3D graphics and gradient meshes: while they look pretty cool, these types of graphics don’t usually translate well from the screen to screen print. Try to stick with simple color blends if you’re choosing to use a gradient tool so we can ensure that your shirt will match your design.
  • Use vector graphics: Vector graphics are able to maintain their original quality when they are scaled, preventing any degradation of the image when resized. We accept the following file types for screen printing: .eps – Encapsulated PostScript; .ai – Adobe Illustrator; and .cdr – CorelDraw. If you have to use a raster image, make sure the graphics are created with a minimum of 300 dpi at print size.


If you need help feel free to contact us to found out how we can help you achieve your screen printing needs!