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Embroidered Apparel for Every Type of Business

No matter where you work, or what you do, Embroidery Solution has the custom embroidery apparel for you!

Businesses are like snowflakes – no two are identical. And different businesses have different needs, especially when it comes to attire. Whether you are a trucker, or a doctor, we have the apparel resources for you.

Here is a small sample of the apparel we work with. Keep in mind that pretty much everything pictured below is available in both men and women’s, different sizes, and all different colors.



This isn’t the only cut of hat that we stock, but it is definitely one of the most popular. Hats are great for employees that work outdoors, as well as more casual work environments. We use puff embroidery to make embroidered logos and artwork pop off of the hats.

lab coats

Lab Coats

Lab coats are pretty specific items that only doctors, lab assistants, and researchers, but they are still a very important item. Embroidered lab coats are also great for schools, colleges, and universities for medical students and science classes.

ladies soft shell

Soft Shell Jacket

The soft shell jacket is a lightweight, water repellant, piece of outerwear that it perfect for employees that work in the warmer regions that are often prone to rain…like right here in Orlando. The jacket looks great by itself, but even better with your company’s logo embroidered on.

ladies sporty

Performance Polo

Our performance polos come in all different colors, and accommodate employees who have active workstyles while maintaining a professional look. These polos are very popular among our customers that are seeking embroidered apparel.

ladies cardigan

Open Front Cardigan

While the open front cardigan is only available in ladies, we felt that it was too good of an item to pass up on this list. The cardigan is an excellent embroidery option, especially for women working in chilly retail spaces or offices.


Sport-Wick Pullover

The sport-wick pullover is meant to be worn in a fully athletic setting, and contains moisture wicking material for the athlete in you. This item also works very well in professional settings, as you can see to the right.

mens light jacket

Charger Jacket

The charger jacket is a lightweight, fleece-lined jacket for traveling employees, or those of us in colder regions. The jacket is full zipper, along with zipped pockets, and a collar. The charger jacket comes in four different colors.


Button Down

We stock all different cuts of button downs for men and women, in all different colors. The particular button down pictured to the right is the Red House Mini Check Non-Iron Button Down Shirt. Who doesn’t love a non-iron shirt!?



Available in both men and women’s cuts, our Port Authority brand vests are a hit. Perfect for those, not too warm/not too cold workplaces. Vests are the perfect item to keep your employees at a comfortable, productive, temperature all day long.

v-neck sweater

V-Neck Sweaters

The V-neck sweater is an extremely classic, very professional look, no matter profession you are in. Whether it is worn with a button down underneath, or a t-shirt, the v-neck sweater commands respect.