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Set Up an Online Webstore to Sell Your Uniforms

Are you an organization that needs to provide custom apparel for its local or national members?

We can make it easier for you to distribute these supplies to all of your members, students, or employees, no matter where they are in the country.

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Your Students, Employees, or Members order what they need online

Frequent, recurring sales can be a logistical nightmare. Instead, set up an online webstore for your logo t-shirts, business polos, or any other embroidered apparel through Embroidery Solutions, Inc. (ESI). Your members can access the store 24 hours a day.

Shirts can be personalized through your webstore. Adding an employee name, team numbers, or any kind of custom embroidered text is as easy as adding a comment in a text box. Each order will have this available for personalization. (The video will walk you through this.)

Parents can make school uniform purchases online.

Currently, it’s standard for schools to conduct uniform drives and seasonal sales, but that limits availability. Kids grow. They get dirty or ruin clothes just by being kids. With an online webstore, uniforms can be made available whenever the kids need it – without cutting into the logistics of operating a school.

Franchisors ensure their franchisees can purchase logo apparel easily.

Webstores allow for easy access from anywhere. Franchises and corporations who depend on their members having unified looks through company shirts and logo apparel will find that an online webstore takes the distribution factor to a whole new level of ease.

Call ESI and talk to us about your needs today.

No matter the size of your organization, an online webstore is easy, scalable, and always available to your members. The printing and embroidery experts at Embroidery Solutions, Inc. will help you set up your webstore and answer any questions you may have about this valuable service.