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The New Era of Polyester

ESI polyesterPolyester hasn’t always had the best reputation. It has barely grown out of its image of being cheap and scratchy since polyester leisure suits were popular.

Until recently, polyester’s bad image was probably deserved. Shirts, pants, suits, and almost anything made of polyester had a rough texture and it trapped heat. That made it uncomfortable to wear, especially in the summer. Polyester’s main advantage is that it is lightweight and relatively cheap, which is why it was (and still is) a popular choice for employee uniforms, promotional shirts, and other mass-produced items.

Recently, though, polyester has taken a major turn. We can say with confidence that, along with cotton, polyester is one of the best choices for your company embroidered polo shirts, school uniforms, apparel for marketing, and more.

What’s Changed About Polyester?

In short: technology and better design has made polyester better!

New construction methods and treatment processes have improved polyester. It is now better quality and can wick moisture – a huge change from the disco days.

Plus, polyester-blend polo shirts, sportswear, and accessories are taking off in popularity right now because of their comfort, versatility, and style.

Advantages of Polyester and Cotton-Poly Blends

In apparel, polyester and cotton-polyester blends have distinct advantages.

  • Moisture-wicking, its biggest advantage: Polyester dries faster than pure cotton, which holds on to water. In the summer, this can be uncomfortable, as your shirt becomes your personal sauna. (In winter, this moisture retention can be dangerous.) Moisture-wicking polyester has been treated to carry moisture to the surface of the garment, away from your skin, where it can dissipate more easily into the air.
  • Reduced shrinkage; resistant to stains and wrinkles: Pure cotton shrinks in the wash. Polyester doesn’t. Wrinkles and stains also have a harder time taking hold of the fine synthetic fiber.
  • Color-fast: Pure cotton, while it is a wonderfully soft natural fiber, tends to lose colors. Dark colors are especially likely to bleed from cotton fiber. Polyester doesn’t have this problem. With proper care, colors stay vibrant.

These properties make polyester and poly-blends a great choice for everyday wear.

For logo polo shirts, many still prefer the look and feel of all-natural, pure cotton. However, don’t forget to consider polyester and polyester-cotton blends. It may suit your needs better than you think.

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