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Things to Consider When Ordering Team Sport Uniforms


Baseball season is just around the corner, and not just for the pros. Little league teams across the world are getting ready to suit up for spring training. With every team in the country eager to hit the diamond every coach must ask himself, “does my team have the winning look this year?”

While fresh uniforms don’t literally translate to a winning ball club, new uniforms may be what your team is missing. As a coach you want your team to be as motivated as possible, and to wear their uniforms with pride.

So with that in mind, what’s the best way that you can go about ordering your screen-printed or embroidered uniforms?

Picking Colors:

Picking colors is the easiest step of this process if you already have team colors, but the absolute hardest part of the process if you don’t. Keep in mind that your team isn’t going to be “the blue team,” or “the red team.” You are going to be “the Lions,” or the “the Knights” and your jerseys will most likely will be more than one color. For more on picking colors, check out this post we wrote on “Color Psychology.”

Screen-Printed? or Embroidered?

The next step is deciding whether or not you want your custom jerseys to be screen-printed or embroidered. The embroidered look is typically more traditional, though occasionally screen-printing jerseys can save money. Some teams might even opt to go with a combination of the two. You may consider screen printing the jerseys themselves and having the hats embroidered. Whichever way you decide to go with, Embroidery Solutions will make sure your custom uniforms look professional.

Choosing a Jersey Style:

There are tons of jersey styles out to pick from out there. This is where you can spend quite a bit of money, or try and save some. Many little league teams go with the standard screen-printed cotton t-shirts – the classic little league look. You can take this look to the next level by going with a synthetic screen-printed athletic wear, with moisture wicking and cool-feeling features. If you really want to splurge, and really give your team a major league look, embroidered button-up jerseys are the way to go. Your team would take the field looking just like the New York Yankees.

Choosing a Hat Style:

Just like there are loads or jersey styles, there are loads of hat styles. Though picking the right hat might not be as hard as picking the right jersey. You can break hat styles down into the following classes to help decide what you think is best: adjustable, one size fits all, flex-fit, flat brim, curved brim, structured, and unstructured. Here is a link to what some of these hat styles look like.

Picking as a Team

Your players’ inputs are important too. Make sure to ask them what they think, but keep it mind that the money for the uniform probably isn’t coming out of their pockets. Talk to your players’ parents about which options they like to avoid any angry phonecalls. You might even want to put it up to a vote.

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